Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sola Blogtura

My study of Christian history (ie. Catholic history) continues to show the narrow mindedness of my Protestant brethren (and I do so love that the Church considers them separated brethren, unlike what they think of the Church). Narrow may be strong, maybe lazy is a better word, in that I think one only has to study what Christ said along with what the Church teaches, to see that those wacky ol men in Rome actually are the only ones who are getting it right.

Lately, the idea of Sola Scriptura has actually been almost laughable to me in the same way it would have been to Christians only a few years before Luther was forced to come up with it (I say forced, as the more I read it seems he was trying to salvage his pride, more than reform the church). For if someone would have said that the Bible alone was the only authority to people who were mostly illiterate, and in a time before mass produced writings could be found (a Bible would take about a year to copy), they would have responded about the same way Christians in the 50's would have responded to someone's claim that Twitter was the only true authority . . . . (O:

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