Thursday, August 13, 2009

Great Scott !

Tonight was the last "Free" night at the American Visionary Art Museum, during the "Films on the Hill" summer movie series I blogged about last month - and I likes me some "Free"

To be honest, the idea of AVAM and Outsider Art, always left a pretentious taste in my mouth. Art is Art, heck business is Art if done with passion (yes, a nod to Ayn Rand there), so separating artists by schooled and un-schooled kinda bugs me - but like I said "I likes me some Free!"

As I do my nightly Rosary near the museum, I was actually on the Third Luminous Mystery as I entered my first exhibit. Art done in ball point pen or coke bottles - fabrics and rubber bands - oil or finger paints - all seemed rather fitting as I pondered the "Kingdom".

Then as I reached the top floor, I saw the photograph above, recognizing instantly the face of Downs Syndrome. The thing was that the photograph was not only the art, but of an artist.

Judith Scott (1843-2005) was an Outsider artist who made wonderful sculptures in fabric and found (and stolen) objects, and who was deaf and had Downs Syndrone. Read more here or here, and watch a youtube vid here.

I couldn't move for several minutes - because of the photo - the art - the blessings I have - my sister ( a blessing, who has Downs) - and lastly the sickening thought that we let people choose whether or not they wish there baby with a disability to live or die (often letting a disabled newborn to slowly die of starvation alone in a closet or backroom) - because we think they are somehow less.

This is what our abortion Pres wants us to not only accept, but to fund, and while I am generally a decent sort of folk, I only have two words for anyone who thinks my sister or Judith Scott is less deserving of life than anyone else - F*&k You!

yeah, o.k. , I'll pray for them too . . . especially as we who call ourselves Pro-life, but say nothing, are actually the most guilty, and deservedly will be judged the most harshly.

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