Wednesday, August 26, 2009

It's Torture Stupid!

Made this lil' sticker after driving on I95 yesterday. I spied a Volvo with a "Torture is Wrong" bumper sticker plastered next to a "Keep Abortion Legal" sticker, and again was struck by the lack of objective thought found in most folks theses days. Do they even have a core value where all these so called ideals come from? Similar to the fact that I have never met a PETA-phile that was Pro-life, well, unless you have fur of feathers - humans don't seem to count.

We really are achieving a level of stupidity that boggles (or Twitters) what's left of the human mind.



Athos said...

Say, D'Art, how might one get aholt a wonna dem great bumper stickers, or is it a cyberworld sort?

If you have said capacity to fabricate bumper stickers, I'd also love to have one for my beloved Corpus Christianum.

D'artagnan said...

as my vehicle for the present, is company owned, I only have stickers in my noggin' or a bloggin'

Bestdecal charges about $5 for 1 sticker, and goes down in price with quantity.