Friday, April 27, 2007

Michael's Arts and Kreeft

Peace be with you, I will be attending a Picture Framer and Art trade show for much of the weekend, and that, along with next weeks Italy trip (and having all my designs ready), may leave me little time for bloggin' (but just enuf time to type the word - bloggin').

To fill the void, I offer you the website of Author/Philosopher/ Tolkien-Lewis Scholar, Dr. Peter Kreeft, and the 30+ lectures you can download and listen to for free (I have been listening to them for a few weeks now). A man of great intellect, wisdom, and wit; Dr. Kreeft need only add a British accent and we could easily imagine we are listening to one of the Oxford "Inklings".

At one of his lectures I attended a few years ago on "God in the Lord of the Rings", Prof. Kreeft asked a rather profound, and surprisingly difficult, question.

"If you claim to understand what Tolkien is saying in LotR, and believe it yourself, and suddenly the Magical Lamp of the Three Wishes is in front of you, What should you Do?"

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