Wednesday, April 4, 2007

A Miracle in the Making

This week, Holy Week, there will be many opportunities to view "King of Kings" or "The Greatest Story ever Told" on TV, as well as a possible viewing of "The Passion of the Christ". Being that this is also the week of Passover, I am rather confident that you can also find "The Ten Commandments" among your TV listings. I would just like to suggest another film, one that is different from the above, but also on par with them as well.

The Miracle Maker is an incredible animated film produced by Christmas Films (through BBC), a Moscow based animation studio that has previously brought some Old Testament stories to the screen. The animation is a mixture of Stop-motion(3d) and drawn/CG (2d), with each given it's own "role" in the film. The 3D claymation is what is used for the majority of the story, while the 2D is used for the Parables, as well as dream/nightmare sequences (the 2D was done by Cartwyn Cymru, a Welsh animation company). This blending of animation is absolutely breathtaking, and I assure you this is not "Wallace and Gromit" (although I have always thought that Gromit's "long suffering" compassion for Wallace, proved he was a dog of great faith).

While animation is generally thought of as Kid's stuff, this movie is actually one of the most Biblical films I have seen dealing with Christ's life,death, and resurrection. The fact that it includes the Resurrection is also very important, as others have left that out in the past (Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, etc.), so as to make it a story of a "good man".

The only minor problems I had with the film were the absence of "the Good Thief's" words, a down playing of Mary (sadly, kinda used to that), and that most of the voices were British (also Kinda used to that as well).

Anyway, I actually rank this as second after Mel's "The Passion", on my personal fav's list, and highly recommend it to everyone.

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