Friday, April 20, 2007

Seeds of Life, and Death

The main part of my job, which affords me a free vehicle (a Ford Freestar mini-van I have dubbed the "chick-magnet"), is to drive all over my area ( Southern PA. to Richmond VA), harassing unsuspecting Picture Frame shop owners in the hopes of a Larson-Juhl free America. One of the perks, besides my above mentioned "chick-magnet", is that I visit all kinds of interesting lil' towns and villages. Yesterday had me, among other places, in Southern Maryland, and more important to this posting, the city of Waldorf.

As I am ever scoping out shopping centers in hopes of finding an as yet, undiscovered Frame shop or gallery, I came across a perverse strip mall juxtaposition of a Hatfield/McCoys on the Israeli border, magnitude. In this little office/shopping plaza 30 miles outside DC, was a quaint lil' Christian bookstore located two doors down from the local Planned Parenthood !?!

Yes, the wonderfully named "Seeds of Life" Christian bookstore is located a hope, skip, and slaughter, from the local abortion mill. I naturally had to meet the person who would be so daring as to place her business on Screwtape's doorstep, so after a few minutes of prayer along with the sign of the cross, in I went. Sadly it was a tiny space, only slightly larger than my own personal library (which ain't all the big, except my excessive music collection/addiction), with only one or two copies of any particular item. There was only one woman working the counter, and only one other customer, who unlike myself, was greeted with a big ol' hug. I glanced over the T.D. Jakes and Joyce Meyer books, and picked out a Nicole C. Mullen concert DVD to purchase, in order to support the shop.

Talking briefly with the owner, Ann McDuffie, I learned that she looked at many other locations, but felt that God wanted her there. I told her the bizarre combination of businesses (yes, never forget, Abortion is a business, and big business at that) is what inspired my dropping in. She told me she hears that a lot, and that she has even had to council young women who had almost went into the "other" shop, even had appointments, but said they were drawn to hers instead. I told her she was a blessing to my day, and that I would not only pray for her, but also ask others to . . .uh, so, ya get the point, start a prayin' (O:

Please keep Miss Ann and her lil' store in your prayers, and maybe go by a PP this weekend and say a Rosary or half hour prayer.

"If the Children truly are our future, then we are in fact,
eliminating our future"

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