Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday's Challenge

After last week's violence, the reactions have been varied, and mostly fruitless. The politicians and lobbyists are already milking it for their own gain, the media sensationalizes the tragedy in hopes of viewers or awards, and average Joes
expound on how sad it is so as to look compassionate. Everyone has an opinion, so I guess I should have one too.

I, Michael McCleary, take full responsibility for last week's violence, in that I have failed in the only job my Lord has given me - to be His hands and feet - to completely be His love for the hurting. Everyday, I know I pass by the hurting. Every hour I waste writing this bloggin' blog, I could be in prayer for my brothers and sisters. Every minute I could be opening my eyes to whoever the Spirit is leading me to help (if only with a smile or a "hello"). Every second I try to run things my way, instead of dying to self, and fully submitting to my Father's will.
Lord Have Mercy, Christ have Mercy!

It was only a few months ago that I was walking by an arguing couple, and I asked God "How can I help your broken and hurting"
His answer knocked me to my knees, and that still small voice answered "Stop being one!"

Wow!, I realized that I kept letting my own problems get in the way of helping others. So much wasted time dwelling on my broken heart, or where I should buy a house, if I should buy a house, etc. ; while all the while saying, though not living, "don't worry, God is in control".

"Stop being one!" , the words rang in my ear, and reminded me again of my purpose here, and that that purpose ain't me! I am here as a servant to my Father and His children, to serve my siblings as Christ would have me, to give my ability and availability. In everything I must serve!

The odd thing is, I know that nothing brings as much joy as this, and yet I still don't do it.

Anyhow, after God's convicting shout in my brain, I sought out a councilor to get over last years grief. I started listing names of those to pray for, and offer them up as I do the Rosary or while in Adoration. I focused outward instead of inward, and began volunteering at a food bank. More importantly, in a group setting, I began to seek out the isolated, who were often the ones I myself would not normally wish to hang out with.

Did you ever wonder if Jesus actually liked all the people He met? He loved them, yes !, but as unlovable as most of us can be, I fear we humans are far more unlikeable.

This week, I ask, no I challenge, everyone to pray that God would show them a person in their life who needs to know love (in or out of the church), and someone whom you may not even "like". Pray that you can be used to remind just one person, that no matter what they have done, the Creator of the universe is madly in love with them. Remind them that they are a Child of God . . .oh, yeah, and to each of you, my beloved readers, you too are God's child!

The world doesn't merely need more Christians, the world needs more Saints!

Be His hands, be His feet, be His love!

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