Thursday, April 26, 2007

For Today They Die

My heart is broken, as yet another country, Mexico, signs into law the genocide of it's own children. Abortion is now to made available in another predominately Catholic country, showing us in the Church how much work we need to do, while also showing our Evangelical brothers and sisters how much their division with us is hurting Christ's body. As our non-Catholic family sends missionaries south of the Border in hopes of converting fellow Christians away from the Church Christ founded, I wonder if they realize, or care about, the damage they are doing.

"but whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble, it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned in the depth of the sea"
Matthew 15:6

I am pointing that verse at all of us "Christians" who are not working for unity, and are allowing our in-fighting to give an open door to the Mormons, the Muslims, and secularists. Granted, we Catholics consider Protestants our family in Christ, but we have fallen short in knowing and promoting our faith. Protestants are equally guilty, as they constantly skip over the parts of the Bible, their only authority, which clearly point to Rome.

We need to come together to fight the Enemy, to help the hurting and lost, to feed the hungry, to daily die to ourselves in service to others, to be the hands and feet that reclaim this world for Christ, our King.

Communication is key, and we need to start speaking truthfully, and respectfully, about our differences; instead of constantly acting like the white friend who whispers a racial joke when his black "friend" isn't in the room, but who is all smiles and hugs when they are near.

"No more time
for us to bicker and complain,
If we're called by the same name,
there's nowhere for us to lay the blame,
except for ourselves.
And if we died to our old selves
we've come alive as God's flesh,
that makes us family.
Deeper than death,
but we don't act so tight
when there's a back to bite.
Are we less like a family, and
more like a fistfight?
Are we there, but not quite
are we hypocrites children of light?

And can we sing with one voice,
if we all love the same God?
Can we agree to disagree?
And so we cry with one voice
to the only God in all the universe-
who holds us in His hands".

One Voice - The Supertones

Keep arguing , and the babies die , countries starve!?!

Lord help us to see our Family,
and to work towards One church - unified

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Julie said...

You are so right about this.