Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Life as a Dog, or Women have Heads

For all my pseudo pious ramblings, I must confess that I occasionally glance at the female form (by occasionally, I mean, if there is a female present, I glance, if there isn't, I don't), and somewhat more embarrassing is the fact that, regardless of their level of "hotness", I am prone to critique their wardrobe ("she's wearing those with that?", "that lavender sweater really brings out her eyes", etc.), and must even admit that I have dated women in the past, because I liked their fashion sense. I am completely a "guy", but as an artist, I'm also more than a little interested in color and design (heh, it is part of my job!).

Yesterday, I had to harass my customers in the Georgetown area of DC, which, because of the high level of fashionable people, armed with an equal degree of physical fitted-ness (and possible medical enhancement), making the inevitable, and fairly constant, head turning not exactly conducive to city driving. I, of course, am not presently interested in the idea of dating, at least not until A) God helps me to see my true vocation, and B) my heart has sufficiently healed from last year's grand pummeling. With that thought, I realized that there was no valid reason for me to still be ever scoping out the possible wife (at least until Salma Hayek gives me the definitive "no", as I feel the restraining orders are just her playing hard to get), so I made a strange, and wonderful decision yesterday, to both look at every single person (male or female, young or old, hot or like me), and to only look at them from the neck up.

Imaginary reader: WWMM, are you saying you have been noticing the wiggling of bottoms?

Yes, my faithful imaginary reader, I must admit this to be true, and honestly confess that I wish to repent of this fruitless endeavor. Actually my little experiment was very rewarding, and reminded me again that God is a very creative Creator, as faces, all faces, are very interesting indeed. I remembered again how bored I used to be in drawing class when we did nudes (something a guy doesn't admit to another guy, and definitely not a group of guys), and how exhilarating it was to do portraits, with the more wrinkles and imperfections the better. I also started to see the persons behind the faces, and found myself wishing to extend my hand to most, desperately wishing to know more about them (a desire you rarely get from checking out a pair of Levi's). I found myself as close to God in this, as I feel in prayer, and this had me wondering if in some small way this was an act of prayer, especially as God has made us for one another.

Well, I can't say if my eye will wander back to wiggleland, but at least I have been reminded that there are much better lands to dwell, and most are found in another's eyes , and where we have a better chance of meeting God.

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