Monday, May 7, 2007

Will Victory in France mean doom here?

While I was at first excited that France's queen of tired rhetoric, Segolene Royal, did not win the election yesterday, I am a bit fearful that this will light a fire under the pampered butts of America's left ( ie, the party of "we don't know what we are for, just what we are against").

I will admit that my political rants have diminished much after becoming a Christian, mainly because politics seem so small in comparison to the work Christ has given us to do whilst in our pre-bodies. I do know that the left is unequivocally anti-Christian, regardless of how many registered democrats I attend Mass with, or even how Christian sounding their goals may appear in theory.

It is time for us on the right to stand for what we know is true, instead of trying to defend a President who has forgotten, for the most part, what those, our, ideals are. I wanna make a t-shirt that reads something like "Bush sucks, but the Republican party still Rocks!".

Naturally, I am a Sam Brownback man, and yes, because he is Catholic. But it is because of the fact that he risked the political death his conversion to the Church might have brought, following his conscience and not the polls . . .that is a man I feel I can trust!

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