Tuesday, May 29, 2007

You Strad!

I am positive this thought has been expressed before, but why let that stop me now.
Today I realized that we are all as "wonderfully made", and more precious than a Stradivarius violin. Like the famed instrument, each one of us is completely unique, with the ability to fully enliven one particular piece of music.

Unlike a "Strad", we get to choose who we shall have play us. We are free to let the world treat us like a dime store fiddle at a backyard hoedown, or we can place ourselves in the loving hands of the Master musician, who alone knows the glorious melody we were born to play.
"I will sing a new song,
I know it will be mine,
because it is His.

God Made you Special, and He loves you Very Much!


Athos said...

There is some symmetry here, Michael. I've played the violin for ... a long time. I'm glad that Porthos mentioned this post.

It was great meeting you at Dawn's "kaffeeklatsch" -- how'd I miss out on the Bergers?! Just my luck. Natch.

Michael K. "Rose" McCleary said...

I bring the Berger Cookies everywhere I am invited . . .hint, ,hint, hint (O: