Monday, July 30, 2007

Childlike Joy

Last night a new friend kinda dragged me to see old time pop-rocker Denny Laine, at Jammin' Java in nearby Vienna, Va (O.K., she didn't really "drag" me, and I owed her big time for talking me up at a recent function, . . . it's just that yer monkster is usually asleep by 9pm these days). Mr. Laine started off in the Moody Blues (before said band turned into Lite FM favorites), and went on to co-found Wings with Paul McCartney.

The smallish crowd, in the equally small venue, is full of yer typical Beatlemaniac types, mostly around middle age (they call it middle age 'cause that's when yer middle becomes more prominent) and maybe a tad geeky . . .I, needless to say, was home (O:

While Denny played numerous Wing's tunes, the standout for me was the Moody Blues tune "Go Now" (which my friend informed me was actually an old R&B tune). Not only was it a delight to hear this song live with the original MB singer, but also seeing the joy on my friend's face upon hearing the first few notes. She allowed the music to magically transport her back 20 or so years, and even, like a happy lil' school girl, climbed up on her seat in excitement. It was easily worth the $25 for the ticket to see the smile on her face, as well as to be able to tell my old Beatle buddies that I stood only a few feet away from someone who used to stand only a few feet away, from my favorite of the Fab Four.

but as I am late for work, I better "Go Now" (O:

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