Friday, July 20, 2007

Sunny Daze

As I left Mass this morning I was struck by how much the traffic had increased in just 25 minutes ( and yes, I was also almost struck by the traffic, as DC drivers are quite scary), as the Wisconsin Ave was fairly quite when I entered the church. I went on to think of how yesterday started with clouds and serious humidity, to end with sunny skies and cool "after the rain" breezes.

I remembered how the last time (possibly, the last "last" time) I fell in love, was also the same week I found at my mother had cancer, and my niece accepted our Lord at summer camp. My mom went to sleep in our Saviors arms less than two weeks before that wonderful night at Easter Vigil, when I was welcoming into the Church. Recollections of how an awesome trip to Brazil last year, came only a few weeks after a gut wrenching day where I returned an engagement ring. I thought again how a good friend is waiting (and waiting) for the birth of her first son, while at the same time praying for her mother who is hospital bound a thousand miles away.

Sunny, Cloudy, Good, Bad, Happy, Sad, . . .the constant is, was, and ever shall be, our Triune God, Who's love and mercy, endures forever. Somehow I think we all know that, just as on a rainy, yet partially sunny day, we all strain to find that elusive rainbow in the sky.

Praised Be God Forever!


Aramis said...

Sunny Daze...

Nice reflection on the ebb and flow of life.

Amazing beauty the photographer Dan Bush captures in his pictures. His pictures and site are amazing.

Musical Monk said...

Yes, I think I may steal one of his images to do a painting of.