Monday, July 16, 2007

No Wings, No Service

To once again demonstrate my devout un-manly-ness, I confess that I am a bird watcher (and not just of the Brit variety). In my back yard is a Gold Finch feeder, a Tube feeder, and now a Hummingbird feeder (that is being used as I type).

The seed I prefer to use for my boyds is safflower, as in general those pesky squirrels don't like the stuff. I have come to find, as the photo clearly shows, that chipmunks have a slightly different palate than their fluffy tailed cousins, and are more than happy to fill their cheeks with the stuff. I have since replaced this feeder, with the above mentioned hummer feeder, leaving Alvin, Simon, and Theodore to seek other yards to dine in.

"You have filled this world with wonders,
and I am filled with the wonder of Your world"
Rich Mullins

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