Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Gospel according to Sinead ?

Our favorite, slightly less than intelligent, Irish bald lassie, Sinead O'Connor has a new album "Theology". Most of the lyrics are said to be born of the Old Testament, but from this interview in Christianity Today, it seems she hasn't actually gleaned much from her readings.

I was so hopeful going into the CT article, that she had finally seen the Light, but it sadly seems she still prefers her own foggy opinions, than actually seeking out the Truth. I couldn't help but wonder if we perhaps have a different Bible, especially when she ponders "
We expect God to be perfect, but if we're made in God's image, then perhaps God isn't perfect". Um, Ms. O'Connor, did ya happen to read that verse in Matthew 5 , where Jesus states " . . .as your heavenly Father is perfect"?

Anyhoo, I will most likely buy the disc when it ends up in the dollar bin (if only for the Jesus Christ Superstar cover of "I Don't Know How to Love Him") , and will post about it at that time. Until then, I'll just keep praying for that silly clean shaven Celt, and I hope y'all will do the same.

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