Saturday, July 28, 2007

Meme Christo

Athos, one of my mentors over at the Three Mass'kateers, has laser tagged me as part of a Christ Meme (shouldn't it be Christ Him-him?, as we are to leave the "me-me" at the foot of the Cross). As my good teacher has written, the rules are Those tagged will share 5 things they love about Jesus and must tag 5 other bloggers. Those tagged must provide a link in the comments box here with their name so that others can read them.

As I am one part Slacker, it has taken me several days to respond, and in great embarrassment, I also admit that the question was not as easy to answer as you would think from yer monkster.

Why do I love Jesus? This is not just a trivial little question, and contrary to my usual bumper sticker form of easy bromides, I realized that somewhere along the way, I had forgotten the "Why", in my love for my King. As I pondered this I also saw that I could not tell you "why" I love my sisters, or "why" I love my dad, or "why" I love my friends Jason and Josh . . . .I just do, and deeper inside than mere words would allow me to explain.

With that said, the question is a good meditation, in that understanding, and articulating, the "why" in my love for Christ, is important in the sharing of that love. So with that I will start, in no special order:

Our Blessed Lady : As some of you know, my own mom went to rest in our Saviors arms just 10 days before I was received into the Catholic church (her name is Carol, if you would say a prayer, and/or keep her in prayer). One day as I was praying for her, and trying to understand this Mary stuff (that I had never been taught prior), I heard that still small voice tell me that " your mother was in great pain, but now she is at rest, please let My Mother be your mother now, and forever".

Not only did my God give up His own life for me, but He also lends me His beloved mother. A mother who loves this adopted butthead, with the same love she has for the fruit of her womb, Jesus.

. . .to be continued.


Athos said...

Awesome place to begin, Monk. Your mother, Carol, is in my daily prayers now. My mother died three years ago this Aug. 8: Lucille. Best/blessings from the wilds of Protestant (familial) Indiana... I go to Mass in an hour under the shadow of the Golden Dome at St. Joseph's.

Musical Monk said...

Isn't it incredible that when we take communion, we are in fact "in" communion with all of heaven, including our beloved parents.

Will add Lucille to my prayers as well.