Wednesday, July 4, 2007

God in a bumper sticker

As I am of a rather humble (ie. trailer park) background, God has to speak to me in slightly more simple ways than a burning bush or an ever present cloud.
Last night while trying to decide if I should work on my monkish muscles, or take my prayer walk before dark, I spy one of the ugliest vehicles ever made driving by my house. On the back of this yellow Detroit monstrosity was a "Pray the Rosary" bumper sticker.

O.K., so I went for a prayer walk, and I guess I'll leave the muscle building to Deacon Payne (O:


Anonymous said...

I wonder if God got the new iPhone yet to communicate with those on Park Ave.?

Happy 4th my friend...

Musical Monk said...

Sadly, I fear too many have "hardened theirs hearts", and would merely delete His love letters as spam.

We have a lot of work to do

Happy 4th to you as well, brother