Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Framing is Fun, pt II

Finished this last night, and can't stop admiring it. The picture was ripped from a remander book I got at Borders, and the frame is actually two frames (721 & 3546, and a fillet, which is that lil' baby frame inside). O.K., so my job is fun sometimes, even if my boss forces me to go to Italy twice a year (O: .

This is being donated by my company to the Our Lady of Mattaponi Retreat Center, after I show it off a bit to some of my customers (0;


Aramis said...

Dear Monkster,

I see you (CMI) have no distributors in Illinois...hummm.

Is all you do, moulding? Hummm.


Musical Monk said...

We belong to a buying co-op of distributors, and we stay out of their territory and so forth.

A frame shop can order from us UPS, or a friend can say "Monk, frame me something".

Just don't buy any Larson Juhl moulding as their owner is a huge contributor to abortion mills.