Friday, July 27, 2007

A Harry'd Prayer

As I wish to finish the last Harry Potter book before some excited 12 year old blurts out the ending, I have been reading a little bit each night ever since I bought it last Saturday. I was initially reading it before my nightly prayers, but soon found that my mind was often still with my muggle brethren. I caught myself twice almost praying for Harry, or my buddy Neville, before realizing that they in fact, won't actually be helped by my prayers.

I have since ordered my time better, in that I do my night prayers first, than if time permits, I check on the Hogwarts gang.

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Athos said...

Don't believe the drivel out there about HP being "occult" or other such nonsense, Monk. It is superb "sub-creation" as Tolkien coined the term. Cheers and keep reading!