Thursday, July 19, 2007

Formstone and Fried Dough

Los Lonely Boys or the Isley Brothers? This is the only difficult decision I need to make this weekend, but a difficult one never the less. Both of these fine bands will be playing at Baltimore's Artscape this weekend (us Bawlmer folks call it "Foodscape", as there are more vendors than artists . . .although Fried Dough is an art in itself, especially when itself is in myself). As "Heaven" by dem lonesome Texicans is one of my favorite tunes, me thinks thats where you'll find the monkster at 8:30 friday night, micro-brew in hand.

Friday is the best night of the three day Festival, as the rest of the weekend I will be in a cave somewhere, exploring the mysteries of J.K. Rowling, lest anyone ruin the ending for me, leading me to sin, as I royally thrash them.

Any bloggers or lurkers, or imaginary readers, that wanna join me, or need a ride, just leave a comment.

Be there, or be square, Hon! (O:


B said...

Wish I wasn't in texas because I would love to go.. billie

Musical Monk said...

if ya start driving now . . .ya do have a company gas card after all (O: