Monday, July 30, 2007

Golden Calves

Today's Reading from Exodus, deals with Aaron and the golden calf. The story goes on to have Moses petition God for forgiveness for his people, for this vile sin of idolatry.

Putting myself in the place of the Israelites, I pondered how many golden calves I have made in my own life, of how many idols I have place before God in my life. From the desire to have golden calves (ie. exercise and my sun worship) to things (writing this silly blog, reading Harry Potter, or just enjoying a little too much the taste of pistachio gelato) that take time away from the only truly important thing, important relationship, in my life.

Oh I hope Moses is still praying for us, as I beg all the angels and saints to pray that we all will find the strength to melt down all the idols we have made in our lives.

Christ have Mercy on us!

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