Sunday, July 1, 2007

Not what we meant by "on fire for God"

After their performance at this years Creation Festival East, Relient K left the Agape Farm heading to Bushnell, IL for Cornerstone but were rudely awoken at 3:20am by flames due to an engine eruption. Matt Thiesson, alone, lost $7,000 worth of belongings and a laptop with over 100 unfinished songs. Thiesson said "“It’s funny to be onstage playing for 75,000 people having a great time, at the height of your element, then hours later standing outside by a burning bus with no shoes on, feeling basically like a refugee.”
Check here for more on this story.

Yer monkster is thankful that everyone is O.K., and hope all of you out there might say a prayer for these guys (who coulda been in a nice big new bus, paid for by a big record label, if they'd only stopping talkin' about that Jesus guy).

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