Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Re-post from January

Monkster, Christmas has past, why ya quoting Tiny Tim?

Well faithful imaginary reader, I'll tell ya , it is because me keeps seeing those ridiculous Bumper Stickers "God bless the whole world, No Exceptions", and I's felt a rant a comin', and here it be.

When I read these, I don't hear a clarion call for God's grace as much as another tired retread (tired retread....I crack myself up) of moral relativism, with the Volvos these are plastered on, more likely on their way Yoga class than daily Mass. Are these folks going home everyday and praying for our enemies (Matthew 5:44) as I try to do, or is the motivation for the sticker more just "acting out" to get a reaction from us silly Americans who don't want airplanes crashing into our houses?

Do they even understand what a blessing is? If they did then I might be inclined to agree with there boldly printed view. For I have seen blessings come from pain and suffering, from a heart so broken that only the maker can rebuild it, from the death of a mother which drew her children closer to each other, from scars of childhood abuse which turn into love and compassion for others.....if these are the kind of blessings they are crying out for, then I say "Amen".

1 Corinthians 4:9-13

The knee jerk reaction to the
"Kill'em All and let God sort'em out" redneck mentality, should not be for blessings of rainbows and unicorns, lollipop trees and Berger Cookie flowers, dancing puppy dogs and skies of polka dot clouds that never rain.....uh, O.K., that all does sound a little like my apartment in the 80s, but that place has been torn down, and so I attempt tear down the "Prayer Of Jabez" Lottery ticket notion where we pray for superficial blessings, instead of the Fathers will ('cause we was all blessed on Calvary 2000 years ago). We should be praying for neither side, as much as we should be praying "Thy Will be done", and how WE can BE blessings for our God and His kids.

I can't help but think that the same people with the "God bless" stickers, are the same ones who want
clergy and prayer removed from the military, but never wonder why soldiers come back permanently damaged from what they had seen and did (or just blame it on President Bush). If those young men (and women) were taught to pray for the souls of the fallen, as well as instructed in the sacrament of confession, they would be much more likely to return to us the way they left....or, more likely changed for the better (or for the greater). . .because "we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose".

Pray for everyone,
no exceptions!

put that on yer car and drive it


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