Wednesday, August 22, 2007

My Brother Bob

"The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests;
but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head."

Bob stopped me again today, and as before, just wanted someone to talk with, someone who shared (and thank God, knows he shares) his same God given dignity. We greet each other every week day (I don't yet know where he goes on the weekends), and I always do an extended pause, so that if he wants to talk he knows that I'll stop.

He thanked me for talking with him, but I thanked him right back, and let him know I enjoy talking to him. Oddly, I more than enjoy it, I would say it has become the most cherished moments of my week, mainly because unlike most of life, it has meaning (granted, I may never know completely what that meaning is), that it feels more "real" than almost anything I do.

I told my new brother how much I respected his strength, that if I personally was forced to be out on the streets, I'd most likely be curled up in a ball somewhere; but here he was, standing on a corner, doing what he could to survive. What courage!

Bob turns 54 on September 4th, and while he isn't expecting a party, I will most likely share breakfast with him that day, and you are all invited to join us.

You are also invited to mention me and Bob in your prayers. Please pray that I will serve my brother as Christ would, that God can use me somehow to let Bob know his worth, his dignity, his as yet unreceived birth rite as adopted son of the most High.


Aramis said...

Dear Wannabe Musical Monk,

We have eternity to thank Our Lord, yet it seems like we only have fleeting minutes to offer our sisters and brothers. Thank you for sharing your moments with Bob. Somehow your use of the term 'extended pause' reflects an outward extention of Christ toward Bob, in which you surrendered your-self to act as an instrument of God. If only we could be that 'extended pause' more completely and consistently.

Anonymous said...

You and Bob will be in my prayers... tell him I said hello.

Musical Monk said...

Thanks for your words and your prayers.

Frater, come visit DC and say "Hi" to Bob yerself (O:

Anonymous said...

I will wait until it cools down and becomes less humid...