Monday, August 13, 2007

God Believes in You

The reading in Hebrews yesterday, talks a lot about faith, especially the great faith that Abraham possessed, and that we should emulate.

Abraham so trusted his Creator, that after countless decades of no children, he is ready to sacrifice his first child simply because God asked him to . . . .so great was his faith.

Years later, God would demonstrate His faith in His creation, as He offered up His only child for humanity . . .so great was His faith in us.

Do you ever stop and think how much God trusts you?,that, He in fact has faith in you?

Sometimes, when the trials of this life seem rather difficult, I picture myself as a small child, desperately trying to walk for the first time, with our Brother Jesus knelt down in front of me, arms open to catch me if/when I fall, saying "you can do it, ,you're doing good Michael, just one more step". Granted, all of our life is that "one more step", but God thinks you can do it, and that is more than enough for me.

As His hands and feet in this broken world, the Creator of the universe has trusted us to share His great love to others, to let them know that He believes in them, even if they don't believe in Him.

Just thought I'd start off the week with that thought, and hope and pray you all know, remember, and share it.

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