Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mass Humility

During Mass today, the lector, when reading our petitions, said
"and for Vacations to the priesthood",
which I think might actually be a good way to advertise for more religious .

Picture a group of young men, in full habit sans sandals, running in slow motion on the beach, sand and water kickin' up, as that Vangelis song plays on:

It's not just a Calling, it's an Adventure!

Anyhoo, upon getting home Mass, and having already been to the Hardware store for wild bird seed, I noticed that in my hurry (rhymes with blurry) this morning (O.K., every morning) I put on two separate sandals. I had recently bought the new pair, and hadn't tossed the old in the Salvation Army bin. Once again, it seems when I pray for suffering or humility, I seem to get it rather quickly . . . but the whole wife/family thing might take a little bit more work, and a lot more prayer (or ,if it be His will, are the other graces, humility and suffering, preparing me better for my spouse? . . .God knows she'll need the humility).

Anyway, I am still also waiting for this supposed 180 IQ of mine to kick in, as it seems to have failed me yet again this morning (O;

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