Saturday, August 11, 2007

"Go calmly in Peace"

Sometimes I think younger Catholics over romanticize the relationship between Francis and Clare, whichI am not saying is completely a bad thing (younger folks, and yer monkster, tend to over romanticize "everything"anyway).

Yes, assuming a Hollywood romanticism between the two (oh dear God, keep that idiot Dan Brown away from that), would be foolish, but applying the Truth of their relationship to a romance, is where, me thinks, a blessing is to be found.

Having someone to hug and kiss is a beautiful thing, but having someone with whom you can share the love of God with, is, well, divine (good grief, Hallmark is calling on the other line), especially as a spouse's main purpose is to help the other get to heaven . I do truly try to remember Chris West's remark that "if we see a potential spouse as a sister first, then we are able to love as God loves" . . .and God ain't from West Virginia, so don't even go there.

While I sometimes am more reminiscent of the Francis in those old Donald O'Connor movies, I still am hopeful that I will one day be able to make people publicly ill from seeing the love beaming between me and my "Clare", as we, arm in arm, take our nightly prayer walk
. . . . .and if it be Clare Danes, who am I to argue with God (O:

As I have lately been enjoying too many e-clares, it be time for my morning run.
Saint Clare pray for us!

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