Thursday, August 2, 2007

Rud a dub dub?

I don't know if I was that I was still partially asleep, or just my normally over active imagination, but I was given the most delightful image today after Communion. As I went back to kneel in prayer and thanksgiving, I again pondered on the truth of the Eucharist, that we "enter into" communion with not only Jesus, but all of persons of the most Holy Trinity, all the Angels, and all the Saints (including, my hope, that my mom is among them), as well as all my Christian brothers and sisters. In the great mystery of the Eucharist, we somehow enter into heaven (and yet, my friends wonder why I go to Mass everyday).

Pondering this truth, while looking at my own unworthy and sinful self, especially in light of recent struggles with lust, and the resulting resentment towards our loving God because of my lack of a spouse (as if the struggle with lust magically goes away once you're married) . As I knelt in prayer, these thoughts in mind, I suddenly pictured myself in the heaven surrounded by loving faces in light, but with their hands holding buckets and sponges. Suddenly I was being scrubbed head to toe by this great cloud of witnesses, even buffing behind my ears (and yes it tickled). When they were done, I was all fresh and sparkly, and looking more like the boy in this picture, than the monkster you all know and, I hope, pray for.

I don't know how biblical my little post Communion fantasy is, but I do feel squeaky clean today, and know that my job is to help others feel the same . . .although, me thinks, maybe I should just wash their feet for now.

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