Monday, August 27, 2007

“Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, you hypocrites.
You traverse sea and land to make one convert,
and when that happens you make him a child of Gehenna
twice as much as yourselves."

I have been very blessed in that I have never personally seen anyone come to Christ because of me. That doesn't mean that God has not used me to serve Him in this capacity, but that thankfully He knows my own self-righteous all to well, so allows me to only scatter seed while trusting that He will help it grow (and it's ALWAYS Him anyway) .I know that in my own religious life I have often been more Saul than Paul, and know it's a daily struggle see that (just as it was for St. Paul).

The above, from today's reading, is one that should be part of any breviary for those wishing to evangelize. I have watched far to many people, in their zeal to "save souls", speak of the quantity not the quality, of their efforts. Granted this is partly due to the far too often Protestant, and un-biblical, mind set that once a person "accepts" Christ, that it's a done deal, and that they are
now only waiting in the train station, bags packed for Gloryland.

I have sadly "witnessed" too many kids who "came to Christ" at church camp or a Christian concert, who really were full of the fire of the Holy Spirit, but were just as quickly left alone, abandoned as the fire slowly died out, often leaving them colder than before. I used to teach my kids at our youth group that you don't just help someone get to the door, but you need to be prepared to a lifelong docent of the house inside, helping your new brother or sister, to feel at home, not just a guest.

I know for me, that I was drawn to the Love of Christ, not by people who could talk for hours on the subject, but by those who lived it every single day in every thought and deed.

Lord help me show your love in my actions

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