Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Less is More

"For every one who exalts himself will be humbled,
but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.”

As I may have written before, I am fortunate enough to be part of an amazing Bible study group, run by an extremely knowledgeable and passionate Steubenville-ite. Our usual M.O. is to study the upcoming Sunday's readings, discussing each one separately, then as to how they relate to the other (my favorite, is when we go into the chapel for "Lectio Divina").

This week's readings are on Humility, which I'm starting to think is a concept that is outlawed in the greater DC Metro area, . . .but I digress. Humility was originally the virtue I thought I had down, because I was never overly fond of myself, and so concluded I must be humble (instead of just low self esteem). Learning to be humble for me was to be a challenge of first finding my own self worth, of accepting my own God given abilities, and only then, offering them/myself in service to God, and others. Overly loving oneself, or disliking oneself, is still too much focus on "self".Part of being humble, I was to find (Sirach 3) , is to be fully aware of how "wonderfully made" we are, while living in the knowledge that we are as He willed us to be (warts and all).

I had to learn that being humble means to think less of yourself only in that you think more of others, in the knowledge that God is thinking of you (and them, of course). Father Larry Richards has the best way of demonstrating how we are to prioritize our self in relation to others, by his acronym for J.O.Y.


Yes, it's a cute little way of saying it, but I don't know of a more perfect way either. I have personally found, as I believe anyone will, that if our eyes are on Jesus and our hands are open to others, we may not always be "happy", but we will have Joy . . .I know I do.

"To the best of my ability
I'm practicing humility
And I lay myself before
'Cause less is more"
Less is More - Relient K

As I ponder marriage I realize that Litany below should be part of any couples daily prayer, if they intend to have a lasting marriage, whether to a spouse, or the Groom.

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Aramis said...

1) Jesus
2) Others
3) Yourself

A little tip, draw a triangle. Now put Jesus at the top of the triangle and then Others and Yourself at the 2 points that are at the base of the triangle.

Walla, like magic you have Girard's mimetic desire triangle. "Positive" or good mimesis is when you have the triangle fixed in the above position however, as we usually are not very careful with the order of our dance partners, often putting others or other at the top of the triangle we fall into "negative" or mimesis that leads to resentment.

So Father Larry Richards' demonstration is more than a nice acronym for J.O.Y., it has huge ramifications for everyone.

May the peace and JOY of Christ be with you.