Thursday, August 9, 2007

"Gays forced to Conform to Morality"

O.K., O.K., just kidding, as we all know that morality is just a fantasy, unless you say homosexuality is a sin, or try to use the Koran as toilet paper (personally, if I was still a stoner, I'd prefer to use it as rolling paper, as if yer gonna get arrested, and possibly fire bombed, ya might as well have a buzz going).

But on the politically correct flipside to my post heading, it seems some San Diego Firefighters were forced to take part in a "Gay Pride" parade (when will people realize that the last word amplifies, and is even worse, than the sin of the first). The men had to endure the kind of taunts that if they were females being harassed by men, would have had every feminist up in arms (you know, the same folks who talk about "equality" and "freedom" and "choice").

Anyway, off to Mass to pray for all,
you can read the article here at Lifesite,
God bless,

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