Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Protestant Assumptions

"Your stainless and wholly immaculate body has not been left on earth; the Queen, the Mistress, the Mother of God who has truly given birth to God has been translated to the royal palaces of heaven"
St. John Damascene
Today, when we enter into communion (through receiving the Eucharist), we also touch upon the Assumption, in that we touch upon those who are with our Lord in heaven, especially our Blessed Lady.

In honor of her, and with love and respect for our non-Catholic siblings in Christ, I thought I'd post some quotes by noted Protestant reformers.

"Is Christ only to be adored? Or is the holy Mother of God rather not to be honoured? This is the woman who crushed the Serpent's head. Hear us. For your Son denies you nothing."
Martin Luther

"To this day we cannot enjoy the blessing brought to us in Christ without thinking at the same time of that which God gave as adornment and honour to Mary, in willing her to be the mother of his only-begotten Son."
John Calvin

"I believe with all my heart according to the word of holy gospel that this pure virgin bore for us the Son of God and that she remained, in the birth and after it, a pure and unsullied virgin, for eternity"
Huldreich Zwingli

"The Blessed Virgin Mary, who, as well after as when she brought him forth, continued a pure and unspotted virgin."
John Wesley

Holy Mary, Mother of God,
pray that all of the children your Son's sacrifice has purchased ,
will one day be reunited.

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Athos said...

Frank Baker, my old prof back at Duke in Methodism and Wesley, said in no uncertain terms that John W. himself carried with him at all times a Rosary. But it is fairly obvious that all the "Christianities" (Knox) are in no state of reuniting any time soon.

Yet, as a professor at Wheaton College once said to Gil Bailie, "When Christ comes again, he’ll be
looking for a Bride and not a Harem.”