Saturday, August 18, 2007

“Let the children come to me, and do not prevent them;
for the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”
Matthew 19:14

Today's Gospel reading from Matthew is describing the kingdom of God, as well as the nature of it's inhabitants. At first I'm sure many of us say "WooHoo", thinking if we just act like juveniles we get to go to heaven (granted, driving like one, may get you there sooner than later). The aspects of children our Lord is focusing on are that of humility and trust. Children know that they are in need, and hopefully know, that their parents will provide for their needs.

We all must learn to daily submit that we are "completely incomplete", and both in need of God's provision, just as we trust in Him to provide. He has, and never will, let any one of us down, even if at certain times it might feel like it.

This trusting spirit is something yer monkster doesn't really have, as while I love and pray for both my parents, they weren't exactly the Cosby's (or heck, even Rosanne). It is by daily humbling myself before the throne that helps me to learn to trust, as well as reminding myself that I am "wonderfully made" (lest I forget the special dignity I have as His child).

Just as it is a spouse's job to help the other get to heaven, it is both parents job to create children of trust and humility, so that it is so deeply ingrained in their soul, that the buttheads of this world can not rob it from them. Granted I ain't a parent, and it is apparent that I most likely won't be, that doesn't stop me from giving out unsolictited advice to parents (it is our right as the childless to annoy our friends with children on how we would raise their kids . . .just as it is their right to respond by "here, take'em then!").

Trust and See, the Lord is sooooooooooooooo Good
ya can't have GOOD without G-O-D!

Today, you can choose your own ending,
just another benefit of shopping at Monkster-Mart


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