Sunday, August 19, 2007

I still believe- Jeremy Camp

I liked this song the very first time I heard it, but, after I read the story behind it, can now call it one of my most cherished tunes, and one I oftened had cued up for after I left my mom's hospital bed. Much like the story of C.S. Lewis and Joy Davidman, a 24 year old Camp proposed to his first wife while she was recovering from chemotherapy, only to watch her die shortly after there honeymoon. In stead of falling into despair and self pity, he sat down and wrote this song of unwavering faith, leaving me to ask "Could I do the same?"

While touring for this record, Jeremy became friends with the female singer of fellow tour mates The Benjamin Gate . . . . . . . .she is now Mrs. Jeremy Camp and the mommy to their two daughters (and is also singing back up on this vid). I can't help but think that this was due, in part, by the loving prayers of his first wife in heaven.

Now, with a prayer of thankgiving, go hug someone you love

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