Friday, August 31, 2007

Latte or a Bible?

For my Birthday, a good friend gave me a Starbucks' gift card, which I have already tapped out (pun intended). My friend didn't realize that he gave me two gifts, in that I quickly realized how much $$$ I spend on silly things like Triple Tall Skim Lattes.

What then to spend my hard earned disposable income on? Christianity Today has an article on the non-English Bible shortage, and me thinks getting the Word of God into peoples hands, might be more important the adding caffeine to my already overloaded grey matter.
What do you spend your extra moolah on?

*note to friends with kids, "extra moolah" is that money you once had, that you won't see again, until all yer kids are outta college (O:

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Jeannee said...

This is an interesting question, my friend! When I wind up with a five dollar bill in my pocket, or a small collection of singles, I have a specific drawer in my filing cabinet where I have envelopes & requests from different organizations - almost all religious in nature - to whom it goes. So THAT'S what I spend my extra moolah on!