Saturday, August 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary?

"Well the thing I find most amazing in Amazing Grace

Is the chance to give it out

Maybe that's what love is all about"

"I'm Not Who I Was" by Brandon Heath

Thought this song, and video, was appropriate for today's anniversary. . . or milestone?

One year ago today, I walked away from the very lovely person who I thought would become Mrs. Monkster. I still remember going home and spending many hours on my knees, more tears than I'd care to mention, as I prayed, with my Rosary in one hand, and an engagement ring in the other.

Oddly, that relationship was to be the beginning of my greatest, and truest, love affair, that of the fullness of faith I have found in the Catholic Church (all things work for the good) . I still continue to pray everyday for that truly beautiful and wonderful sister, and look forward to the day when we sing (hopefully I'll get a new singing voice to go with my new body) together forever in the presence of True Love.

I don't regret walking away, and am so thankful to our Lord for comforting each of us during that time, and the days and weeks after, and continually. . . . and the story of when I returned the ring, is actually kinda funny (O;
(life throws us lemons, and we say "cervesa!")

Well,God has given us quite a nice sunny day today (and me, the most adorable hummingbird perched at my feeder), and while I know a few tears might fall (or worse, I may put on country music), I also know that the pure love of friendship I had going into that ill fated relationship, has been restored in my heart, through the grace of God.

But I still welcome any and all prayers for both of our hearts
God bless,

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