Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Last Ones

"But many who are first will be last,
and the last will be first.”
Matthew 19:30

The Lord's words here from today's reading, have been of more importance to me than I can possibly hope to articulate. Sitting next to my mother's hospital bed, at the frail woman who was now a mere shadow of the image I remember from my youth, these words hugged my very soul. I was given so much peace and comfort in knowing that one day, this woman who had suffered so much in life, would one day be among the "first" in the Rabbi's teaching. Knowing that while I was so very helpless to do anything for her, our Savior was preparing a beautiful homecoming as her reward for this time in the "valley of tears".

I honestly never really knew my mother, but trust that, God willing, I will sing forever with her in paradise. She, as well, never knew me, even with my weekly visits to the Alzheimer's wing where she would live out the last two years of her life. Contemplating on the fact that we were really both strangers to each other, I realized that, although my mom isn't a resident any longer, there are other patients who I could visit. Like my mom, these "last ones" might not know who I am, but does that matter as much as just the opportunity to spend time with the forgotten, with the chance that somehow my presence might make their life just a tad better (as I know it can only enhance mine)?

I do still remember joking with God in prayer (yes, I do that, and He must kinda expect it or I wouldn't a been born a Baltimore boy), that while my hope for my mom was a glorious mansion, I knew I would, and should, count my self blessed if He let me dwell for all eternity in heaven's tool shed (it is still far more than I can ever deserve).

"Maybe the last ones are the lucky ones
The ones who got this whole thing figured out
'Cause when they go looking for something beautiful
They start looking from the inside out
God Bless The Last Ones!"

the Last Ones
-Matthew West


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