Friday, August 24, 2007

Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds - Paul Weller

O.K., the Modfather ain't exactly a Christian (that I know of), but in his lyrics, he is sadly more of a passionate seeker than most "Christians" I've met. I thought this song was rather fitting, as we have had a string of rather cloudy, gloomy, wanna drink coffee and wear flannel like Eddie Vedder days. As followers of the Truth, we hopefully are aware that whether we have sunny days or Seattle days, we know that "above the clouds"(and in our hearts) the Son still shines.

"Summer always goes so quick,
Barely stopping like my thoughts.

Above the clouds, what's to be found,
I have to wonder - Will I be around

As my anger shouts - At my own self doubt,
So a sadness creeps - Into my dreams
When you're scared of living - But afraid to die
I get scared of giving - And I must find the faith to beat it

Let us pray that Paul "finds the faith"


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