Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Both Sides Now : remix

Conservatives are much the same as Liberals except;
One person uses logic and reason to see things fairly and objectively
to know there is something bigger than himself...
and the other person sadly, stays liberal.

The other day an old friend (who sadly does not read my blog) surprised me with two pronouncements: 1) he had been "freed" from codependent relationships, and 2) he was now "converted" to die hard liberalism.

Excited that I was for this my friend's feeling of freedom, I couldn't help ponder whether he had just traded in his codependent relationships for codependent politics.

Codependency: a psychological condition or a relationship in which a person is controlled or manipulated by another who is affected with a pathological condition (as an addiction to alcohol or heroin); broadly : dependence on the needs of or control by another.

Since liberalism is often more fashion than ideology -- more to fit in with the group than out of objective reason -- I can't help but feel you could substitute "liberalism" as the heading for the above definition.

I know that the reason I switched was that I saw that definition in myself (in the form of Peter Keating in Ayn Rand's classic "The Fountainhead") and it sickened me. I always wanted to do what was right, and figuring that out is much harder than just letting the Church of Jon Stewart dictate it to you.

Everything I see in the fascist ideology that has become American liberalism points to a controlling brute inebriated on phony self-righteousness, ready to sucker punch it's enabler at the first sign of any original or opposing thought.

Just look at how the left is attacking once poster boy Dennis Miller, simply because he thinks the war on terror is needed (although he is still with the left in most other areas).

This new 'teer has a similar story from his long-haired liberal days, when at an anti-war rally a radical feminist chewed me a new one, simply because of my silly notion that babies are to be loved -- not ripped to shreds in their mothers' uteruses. Wacky me, I thought we were there to put an end to violence.

The Peace and Love movement of the Sixties no longer exists (if it ever did), and it's history and death are outlined dramatically in ex-liberal David Horowitz's "Radical Son". The true Peace and Love movement is not political, was started by a Jewish carpenter two thousand years ago, and continues forever in the hearts of the redeemed -- giving us both right and left wings, so we might one day soar above the mountains like eagles.

I do think that most subscribers of either liberalism or conservatism actually hold the belief that their ideas are good, that any malice is mostly subconscious, and that each has the same basic God-given desire to do good. I also know that there is no political party in heaven, and that I might be spending time in all eternity next to someone who actually voted for Hilary (of course that could mean I ended up in the other place).

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