Saturday, March 3, 2007

Sad Day Saturday

WWMM, Why are you sad?, . . .the amazing woman in California?

Yes imaginary reader, that has me a little bummed.

But also, the 2w2m is just a lil' weepy because another true love (yes, I've had about 43 at last count....44 if you count Freschetta Mushroom & Spinach Brick Oven style pizza) seems to have married some rich Indian businessman.

Granted, I don't blame her. I said I couldn't marry her unless she agreed to raise the kids Catholic, and she also had problems with the "no sex before marriage" rule. I am happy for them both, but still think I shoulda gotten an invite, but of course seeing this dashing wannabe monk in a Tux might have inspired an "end of the Graduate" moment, so I understand.

Prayers and blessings for the happy couple,
and my present is in the mail (O:

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