Thursday, March 8, 2007

Monk wins Mega-Millions!!!!

O.K., before any of you hit me up for loans, I must confess that I did not in fact win any state lottery - but I did receive a prize of infinite value.

I received the gift of grace, of love, of faith, of forgiveness, of salvation.

I received the ability to see everyone around me with love and compassion; the ability to have joy for others happiness regardless of my own state.

I received adoption into God's own family, and along with my Brother Jesus, can cry out "Abba" to my heavenly Father, as well as pray along with our Blessed Mother Mary.

I received the knowledge that the God of the universe would rather spend three days in hell, than one day in Heaven without this silly, so incredibly undeserving, ex-long hair'd Baltimore boy.

That God is madly, passionately, in love with me!!!! (and you too!)

I am happy for the trucker from Georgia,
but wake everyday knowing I won the more valuable prize.
Thank you Jesus!


Anonymous said...

I won the same prize! It is great sharing my "winnings" with you!


The Wacky Wannabe Musical Monk said...

then let us continue to Share our "winnings" with everyone!!!

God bless,