Saturday, March 24, 2007

The Accidental Isolationist

As I mentioned a few days ago, an old friend in response to the news that her former long haired boyfriend had become one of dem wacky followers of Christ, replied that she too had found a new sense of "inner" peace, but that it was of her own making . . .of self.

Self, the cancer that I must daily fight off, lest it kill the relationship with my Beloved. Self, the word that raises hairs on my neck, and sets off a football field full of red flags. Self, the temple I once worshipped in, and that perpetually sends me SPAM asking if I want to renew my membership.

The sad thing was that I had no immediate response for this person, mainly because she was the first person God used to teach your monkster about unconditional love, but also due to the fact that I just could no longer relate to such a statement. This made me look at my life a bit and then realized I had committed the most common sin among Christians, in that I had placed myself apart from the world. I noticed that all my non-work activities were Church based, and that my time around non-Christians was mainly limited to work, and being in Sales, my job is to promote my product, sadly not my love of our Lord. I could no longer relate to my nonreligious brothers and sisters, and had set myself a little too far apart. I wasn't just "not of the world", I wasn't "in the world" either.

So what's a wacky wannabe musical monk to do?

Well, this is DC, so all I need to do is find some group activities on Craigslist or Volunteer Match, and voila', I es part of dis werld. Granted, I am still praying about my true vocation, which may or may not lead me into religious life, but that still leaves time for tending to the harvest from where I am today.

My brothers and sisters, I repent of my mostly unintentional, and slightly selfish, isolation from our siblings, and ask that you pray that God will not only open doors, but that this silly man/boy will see them and walk through.

God bless,

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