Wednesday, March 14, 2007

I Survived, but you knew that

Yes, I survived last night's possible bumping into of an ex-girlfriend, which is good as I am in fact an adult, and should be better equipped to handle such basic parts of living in the 21st Century.

Of course part of that equipment we have as adults, is our good friends. My buddy Josh risked life and limb (or at least the possibility of getting lost), by driving into DC to accompany me to the Theology on Tap event, to support me as I supported my friend Rob (wacky Christians, all trying to lift up, love, and affirm each other).

I know that God would have carried me through the last year, and last night, alone - but I am so thankful He decided to lend me such a good friend as Josh, and I hope I am as good a friend back.

The talk was great, and appropriately the topic was on "Why God allows Suffering", and Rob's teaching background really showed as he effortlessly handled ever question during the later Q&A part of the night. Showing suffering as a unifying aspect of humanity, while quoting from everyone from JPII, CS Lewis, to a 15 year old high schooler living with chronic illness. He also managed to consistently bring each and every part of the talk's focus back to the Cross, and to what true suffering is, and that Christ chose that suffering because of His great love for each one of us . . .even this ex-long haired wannabe monk.

Once, early during the pain and frustration of last year's trampled heart, I was in a bit of a "why me" fit, and threw a pair of balled up socks at a picture of Jesus on my wall, as I said "go to hell". A voice inside whispered "but Michael, I already did, and I did it for you" which of course brought me to my knees (and later to confession). Thank you Jesus!

"Aren't you the strangest friend there is?
They were yellin' Crucify, you said Forgive
When hate was drivin' in the nails
You looked and saw someone you'd die to love
And I can't understand why this hammer is in my hand"
Forgiveness Again - Grand Incredible

Jesus really did suffer, and He truly did it as the ultimate example of love for us,
and for us to emulate!

Thank you, thank you, always, thank you my King!

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