Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A monk grows up

Tonight I will be attending a Theology on Tap event, with the speaker also being the leader of my Bible Study.

When I first heard about it, feelings of anxiety and dread ran through me, as I hadn't attended a ToT since my last year's engagement fiasco.
For those of you who don't know the details, I will just quickly say I courted a wonderful woman for a year, who sadly could not make up her mind about matrimony, but told your favorite monkster she was in fact ready, and in turn your WWMM happily purchasing a ring, to only find out she changed her mind again (as I actually bought, and returned, two separate rings . . .yes, I am a bit clueless).

She truly is an amazing woman, and I pray for her everyday, but I just am not overly excited to she her at this time - or more to the point, she her with a date.

As her close friend is in charge of our local ToT, I had decided it best to not attend any for a while, plus it is the same time as my regular Bible Study.

But my Bible Study leader has to go and be this really smart guy that would be asked to give a talk - what's a wannabe monk to do?

First I thought I just wouldn't go, but that felt wrong, in that my first obligation is to support my friend, regardless of my comfort level. Also I realized that I wouldn't be overly happy with myself if I didn't go.

Second, after I decided to attend, I realized that a little back up wouldn't hurt, so I called my friend Josh (who is allowing me to play James Bond in October, as I sport a tux as the Best Man at his wedding) and asked him to go with me. No one in my Bible Study knows the story of last year, so they would not completely understand my possible look of fear or constipation tonight. I did tell Rob, the speaker, just so he wouldn't take my probable "freaked out" appearance as a critique of his talk.

Lastly, I also shot the gal involved an e-mail, as a polite "heads up" in case she wasn't over excited to see me either, as it could make any possible date she was on a little less than fun. I do actually still care for her (and always will), and my daily prayer is that God will give her the man who will not only love her, but the one she can truly love in return.

So when I finished all my preparation and prayer, I actually realized that I may, as scary as it sounds, be in fact, growing up . . . .but the jury is still out on that (O:

A side note, the talk is on "Why does God allow suffering" (O:

Pray for me tonight, and anytime you can, as I will for any and all of you

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