Monday, March 12, 2007

Rocker ready for a Rockin' chair

"I give You my apathy
I'm giving You all of me
I want Your symphony
Singing in all that I am
At the top of my lungs
I'm giving it back "

Only Hope - Switchfoot

Sure sounds like a prayer to me, as do more than a few of Jon Foreman's lyrics, for his band Switchfoot. I also was whispering a prayer of thanksgiving as he opened the show last night with a solo acoustic version of this, my niece's favorite song (also the tune Mandy Moore croons in "A Walk to Remember").

The image of my beloved niece's smiling face as she, and her friends, sang along to this, and pretty much every song that followed - makes up for the sleep deprivation I am now trying to recover from.

Ever since their tune "Meant to Live" broke into MTV land, a Switchfoot concert audience has become a mixture of Christian kids (parents in the back) and college age "adults". The differences are usually that the first group seems to be younger, sings along to even the oldest tune, and lifts theirs hands up in praise to correspond to lyrics like in " Learning to Breathe" or "24"

"I'm singing Spirit take me up in arms with You"

The second group tends to appear older (or at least their fake I.D. would have you believe), sings along to a radio hit or two, and generally are more interested in the consumption of mass quantities, and/or "hooking up" than they seem concerned with the band on stage.Your WWMM felt a bit of sadness at remembering himself being just like them so many years ago, as well as being very thankful that God had brought me through that time with only a few scars.

I had a perfect view of both groups , as I stayed just far enough in the back to keep an eye on my niece, as well as letting her have the feeling of just rockin' out with her friends (although my niece did come back to "head bang" with her uncle during "Meant to Live").

I found myself in prayer most of the event. I said words of thanksgiving, that these kids could understand and share the sentiments in Jon Foreman' s beautiful songs of love to/about his Savior. I prayed for the parents, who like me, were constantly scoping out the room to see where their various children were. I also found myself desperately praying for those around me who weren't "hearing" the words, who were possibly so buzzed on bad draft beer to later involve themselves in things this monkster so wishes he had never done at that age (or ever).

Also, as one of the first Christian concerts I had been to since becoming Catholic, I found myself several times making the "sign of the Cross" in response to the worshipful lyrics.

To end, I'll just say that both Switchfoot and Copeland (opening band), were amazing; that my niece has bestowed upon me the crown of "Best Uncle Ever" (for at least a day or two); that it's the lyrics that make a tune worshipful (not the lack of Marshall stacks); and that we should remember these bands in prayer as they try to live out their Lord's words , while the rockstar temptations come at them from all directions.

Keep rawkin' - Keep praying

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