Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Holy Ghost Power

"In no other subject is the danger of erring so great, or the progress so difficult,
or the fruit of a careful study so appreciable"
St. Augustine
(on the topic of the Holy Spirit)

When looking back at conversations I have had on topics of my faith, I see two main differences depending on the person(s)' own beliefs. If I am talking with a non-Christian, I've noticed my focus on the God, the Father (His love, mercy, provision), and Jesus (His sacrifice, humanity/divinity, model, friendship). On the other hand, I am usually Holy Spirit focused when talking faith with my Christian brothers and sisters.

The mystery of the Holy Spirit's place in the Trinity is both a tad complicated or vague for the non-religious, and sadly, one too easily forgotten, or taken for granted, by the church going. For me, confidence in the "Counselor", is what gets me out the door each day to face this world gone so terribly wrong - the confidence that He will be with me in the world, as well as keeping me from becoming part of the world.

"And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Paraclete
to be with you forever
John 14:16

Paraclete (Greek) means not only comforter, counselor, or helper; but also in it's most literal definition means lawyer or advocate. This later part stumped me recently, as I had always been taught that the Son , is our advocate before God, but than I read the above verse in John, and my brain started percolating.

I realized that while Jesus is our defender before a righteous God, the Holy Spirit is the advocate for us in our relationship with other people. When our human nature wishes to act out towards others in anger, arrogance, envy (or any of the "fruits of the flesh"), it is the Spirit who speaks compassion to our hearts - "maybe they are having a bad day" - "wow, low blood sugar", or most likely "Jesus died for them too". He is their Lawyer, just as Christ is ours.

I realized it is through the Spirits eyes that I see the beauty and dignity of each and every person I meet, regardless of how the person may treat me. It is the Counselor who shows me the emptiness in the lives of those around me who may appear to have everything, as He shows me the abundant life in those who seemingly have nothing. It is the Helper who gives me the words of love and truth when responding to an anti-Christian verbal attack ( instead of the self righteous pseudo intellectual rant my human nature would have me say), as He keeps me from coming on too strong to someone who just needs a hug ("if necessary, use words"). It is the Comforter who helps me respond to the mercy and love poured out on this so undeserving Bawlmer butthead, by in turn pouring out that love and mercy to those around me, whether I find them deserving or not.

It is the "holy nudge" that is the prompting to my "Yes Lord", to our "Yes, Lord", and Christ has promised that the Helper will be with us forever, so that we never need to over worry any situation.

If , God help me, the Spirit were ever to leave me, I think I would just lock myself in a room and wait for the worms - and to any of you who knew me before, that is how I often acted when the world became too much for my over IQ'd brain. Christ is freedom indeed!

Now the Spirit of love, the love that flows back and forth from the Father and the Son, also flows in me - only asking that I respond, am thankful, and that I share this gift of grace.

Oh Holy Spirit, please help me (us) to always see with eyes of Love!
Come Holy Spirit!

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