Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Second-hand Sin?

.As long as I can remember, I have always preferred to buy things second hand. I would say that there are only three things I always buy new: food, under garments, and presents for friends (although sometimes a first edition book, or rare art piece may be involved). Why my buying habits are this way, more than the fact that I am cheap (which I am), but because of the self knowledge that I am both a klutz and a worrier.

Knowing that I am prone to not take proper care of things, and tend to accidentally drop, break, or rip items in my possession; coupled with the fact I majored in Worry at university, lead me to only buy inexpensive items that I can, and will at some point, destroy.

If I drop a CD case of a dollar CD I don't blink an eye, but if I had ordered it new,than I get a tad bummed. I am also far less likely to actually touch anything, or wear anything, I own that was expensive, for fear of ruining it in some way. So these items gather dust, and often fall apart in the closet or shelf having never been used.

Knowing this quirk in me, I even have a habit of putting a scratch on a new car immediately after purchase, so that I don't have to wait for the inevitable "first" ding.

Pondering this has made me, in an odd way, see Original Sin, as almost a blessing. A blessing in that none of us has to carry the burden of the memory of that first sin against God (can you remember your first sin?, no, of course not), in the way we remember the first lie that hurt this person, or the first unkind word that hurt that one. I of course wish the fall never would have happened; but I know that it would have, in that I know myself, and I know my fellow humans.
I (very selfishly) am just glad it was Adam and not me.

Could you imagine being born without original sin, but waiting every second of every day for that first one? I am actually glad I was born with that first "ding", even though I constantly guard against new ones.

Of course the wonderful thing is that God didn't wish for it either, and was so saddened by the separation that he humbly stepped down from heaven, lived among us, and forgave me as I stripped Him bear, spat in His face, and drove nails into His body.

"paying a debt He didn't owe,
because I owed a debt I could never pay

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