Saturday, March 10, 2007

One Dollar Musical Value Meal

As someone who suffers from a slight music addiction, but it also known for his frugality, I thought I'd take some time to offer up a small list of Great CDs that I often see in the Dollar bins of Used CD shops.

1) Brendan Benson - One Mississippi : For all you Jack White fans, Brendan is now a member of The Raconteurs. This was his first release (a recent reissue also includes his indie EP), and is pure Detroit Power Pop (granted the words pure and Detroit rarely go together), and half the tunes are co-written by Jason Falkner (Jellyfish, The Grays). This disc was White Stripe-ish before there was a White Stripes.

2) Rhubarb - Kamikaze : If you look under toe-tapping in Websters, you are sure to find a photo of this group of Aussie Jangle Popsters (O.K.,I didn't think you'd really look). Easily described as a Christian alternative to Teenage Fanclub, although their lyrics are rather subtle, and only one song even says the name "Jesus", they write honest songs about their own Christian walk. I love this CD!!!

3) Rich Creamy Paint - s/t : Although RCP is now a duo, this first album features a 19 year old Rich Painter playing almost every instrument, as well as all the writing, with production by his uncle John Mark Painter (Fleming and John). Innocent Bubblegum Power pop (noticing a theme yet?), full of songs that will invade your brain faster than that Vonage tune. Oh, and his new bride makes up the other part of the duo (those wacky Christians! honoring God and sharing their lives together).

4) The Cavedogs - Joyrides For Shut-ins / Soul Martini : I listed both of their early 90's releases, because they each usually can be found in various budget bins. As every member of the trio also sings, I often describe them as what the Beatles would've sounded like if they had gotten together in Boston in the late 80's. Each member has gone onto other, similar power-pop-indie projects. They also do a smashing cover of "What's new Pussycat?".

5) Reeve Oliver - s/t - This is the only current release, and I hesitate to mention them, as I'd rather you skip a Latte, and support them by buying their disc for full price (but if ya do find it for a buck, go online and at least buy a shirt). A San Diego alterna-pop band, who recently won that city's 2006 "Best Rock Band" award, and rightly so (an award previously won by ex-dollar binsters Switchfoot) . The single "I want Burns" is as near perfect a pop tune as has ever been written, and the lines "For the sun to rise, It must get dark " also gives you a glimpse of where (and in Who) their hearts rest.
Bonus points if you can figure out the meaing of their name (O:

I will be adding more to the list, but I thought this would be enough to keep you all out of trouble for today.

Be blessed - be a blessing !

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