Saturday, March 17, 2007

God is a DJ

Some of you wonderful folks may know, the ol' monkster used to be a DJ, working everywhere from bars to bar mitzvahs (with the latter being the rowdiest). Last year I finally put the turntables away, following a party where I was required to play hip-hop/club music for a group of junior high kids. Music with lyrics so vile, so sex obsessed, so opposite of love, that they sometimes made me a bit physically ill. I did ask the parents if they wanted me to keep it tame, but they said to play "whatever", that they (the kids) were "old enough to understand" - yes, unfortunately, this is the modern "I wanna be there cool friend" school of parenting that often wonders later why their children are in therapy or rehab.

As a majority of the kids that night were Jewish, and that I might be the "only Jesus they ever meet" (as a good friend often says) , I realized I wasn't being a fitting example. I did manage to change the tone of the music by the end of the night, playing fun oldies and even a swing tune or two. On the ride home I decided that was to be it, and that the next day I would call the person I worked for and quit. She informed me that she was really booked solid, and could I do one more wedding, to which I agreed out of a sense of responsibility - oh, and she doubled my pay too (hey, I ain't a saint yet).

I am so very glad I did agree to do the wedding reception, as it was the perfect end of my humble DJ career, and even a bit a possible foreshadowing to where I pray God is calling me. It seems that the clergy who performed the ceremony could not make it to the party, due to another wedding he was scheduled for, and the groom asked if I could do the blessing before the meal. Yes, my faithful readers, my last night as a DJ, my God gave me a thank you for my own faithfulness, by letting me publicly (and over a microphone) say the words "we ask this in Jesus' name". Thank you again, my wonderful Father!, Your wonders never end.

Oh, and I played, as was my custom after the blessing,"Have I told you lately that I Love You", by Van Morrison (please do not mention the Rod Stewart version EVER!)

"There's a love that's defined And it's yours and it's mine
like the sun

And at the end of the day
We should give thanks and pray to the One, to the One"

I must admit, I really do miss it, and all of you out there can help, as I still love to make mix CDs, and will be happy to make one for anyone who asks - 'course the music, even the hip-hop, will be Christian.

I realized yesterday that God is the ultimate DJ, as He takes even the saddest songs of my life, and infuses them with rhythms of endless love, melodies of a peace that passes understanding, that kick with the same joyous dance beats that had David be-bopping around his palace in praise of His Lord. Happy or sad may be the lyrics of my songs, but danceable they all will be, and all to honor my Lord.

God is the DJ - I'm the extended re:mix

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