Friday, March 16, 2007

Smells and Toll Bells

As I have to drive up to Gettysburg today, and have absolutely nothing new to write, I thought I'd share a quick story with you, my devoted readers (O:

Last summer, at one of the lowest points of my "year from hell", my awesome boss sent me to see a customer at the beach in Ocean City, MD. While this sounds great, there was of course one slight problem in that to get there, I would need to cross the Bay Bridge - and your favorite wannabe monk is rather afraid of heights. This slight phobia is usually not that problematic, except when I am already stressed or unhappy. The death of my mother, along with the returning of the first of two engagement rings (concerning the same gal), had left me more than a little sad, and a tad mentally numb.

Work is work, especially when a free night at the beach is involved, so off I went. As was my habit, I started to pray as I approached the bridge. As I was praying, the scent of incense began to fill my vehicle, the same comforting smell that accompanies Mass, and Wednesday night Adoration. The same ancient aroma that welcomes me to my stone and marble parish in North West DC. The Creator of the universe, my God, was taking time to tell this silly man/boy "Be not afraid", and that He was with me. I praised Him, I thanked Him, I smiled, I laughed, I wept, and than I drove over (not off) the bridge on my way to the beach.

Yes, I still get a bit anxious when I approach the bridge, and I still pray, and I still know that He is always with me (even though I forget sometimes). That He constantly reaches out to me is a profound mystery, and all I can do in response is say "thank you, my Lord", and in turn reach out to whoever I can, and in His holy name!

Be not afraid, God loves you, and is always with you!

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